About Us

SARA-TRANS GROUP needs no introduction. They are into varied activities like manufacturing, distribution, retail, events and education. Sara-Trans are manufacturing Bags for Musical Instrument, Soft Luggage, Travel, etc. With more than 400 machines and a team bigger than 600 personnel, they turn out approximately 2500 bags which is almost more than a container every day. The manufacturing process is computer monitored and controlled. Their range of bags is very large and wide. They make more than 600 designs, which are mostly for major and respected OEM’s in the MI industry. In the MI industry, they are manufacturing bags for Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Hardware, Cymbals, Sticks, Percussion, Wind & Brass Instruments, Accordions, Racks, Effects Pedals, Mixers, Amplifiers, etc. Besides bags, they also manufacture accessories such as Guitar Strings, Guitar Plectrums, Guitar Straps, Rubber Practice Pads, Guitar Hangers, etc. Very soon they plan to start manufacturing stands for Keyboards, Guitars and other instruments. While they offer Silk-Screen printed, Metal, Rubber and Leather patch Custom Logos for the bags, they also craft embroidered logos.. Custom Bags being their forte, they work together with the buyers on all the elements of their ideas for bags i.e. brand, colour, logo, price and culture. The result of this collaboration is great bags from excellent ideas.


Ergonomically designed “Tuffbags” prioritize comfort of the Guitarist. The broad design range extends from no padding to pro-padded, from codura to leather-like, black to coloured, no pockets to multi-pockets and the list goes on…


Practical design while offering all the possibilities of design, price and for singles to sets. Various lining and design options make these attractive to all .


Carefully designed giving thought and significance to the fragility of the instruments. Pro to student bags in prices and designs which suits everybody’s requirements.